June 8th 2019, 12:00-02:00

Isis Farmhouse, Oxford

A visionary summer celebration of the wondrous, the paradoxical, even the totally impossible.

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OddBall 2019

Oxford Psychedelic Society presents OddBall: A visionary summer celebration of the wondrous, the paradoxical, even the totally impossible. A one-day eclectic festival of colours and sounds, of laughter and play, of performance and ritual, OddBall will be a feast for the senses in the spirit of psychedelia. It will offer an opportunity to step out of everyday time and into an alternate world of possibilities. It will provide a space to have joyful experiences that deepen our connection with others and our environment, experiences that move us toward Wholeness.

Unbound Sound

With multiple stages, a cornucopia of sounds—organic, electronic, cosmic, and transcendent—will vibrate throughout the event, from intergalactic jazz and otherworldly soundscapes to base-heavy funk and love-infused techno. OddBall acts include the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra, turntable maestro JFB, Senegalese master musician Jali Fily Cissokho, Love Foundation DJs, psychedelic wizards Jeramesa and Fire Healer, and many more.

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Cosmic Dreamsmiths

You’ll find the inhabitants of this strange new world waiting to draw you into their story, leading you into uncharted territory. You'll have the chance to participate in rituals honouring the sacrality of life and the cosmos; become mesmerised by roaming fire-spinners, aerial performers, magicians, and fortune-tellers; and hear esoteric poets and storytellers. There will be an array of weird and wonderful group experiences that open portals into dimensions unknown.

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Parallel YOUniversity

With its origins in the Conscious Club scene in the early 90’s, Parallel YOUniversity will be appear at OddBall as a space for curated discussion on a broad range of topics—from sprit mediumship to knife crime. It embraces diversity of opinion, and honours the ability of respectful disagreement to serve as a source mutual enrichment and growth.

YOU are the World and it is up to YOU, through your acquired wisdom understanding, and individual transformations and actions to help make the world a wiser and nicer place….

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Interstellar Glamour

The dress theme of the Oddball is Interstellar Glamour.

We want you to express your inner alien, your alter-ego womandroid, or come dressed as a crabby nebula!

We, your Oddball team, will be transforming ourselves over the next few weeks using a combination of deep DNA hybridisation and thrifty upcycling of 1980s ra-ra skirts. Keep an eye on #oddballgowns / #blackholetie to see the latest creations.

To give you some idea what we mean we’d like to introduce Tristela Lacepelus - she comes from Gamma Centauri and is wearing a C3D spectrometric visor, neutrino sensitive underwear and has a variety of useful space-faring accessories for catching tachyon bursts and transposing radiation.

Isis Farmhouse

Located a short walk from Oxford’s city centre and past the Kidney woods (a favourite spot for Oxford’s psychonauts), the Farmhouse is a magical spot of rural idyll in Oxford: both beautiful and strange. Lying on the banks of the Thames, the Farmhouse is a central ground of Oxford’s alternative music scene, and hosts festivals each year. Its spacious grounds and fields hide perfect spots for our psychedelic celebration.

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Fancy helping to co-create the OddBall experience? We need a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help run things before, during, and afterwards. Go here for more info!

Artwork by the amazing Victoria Topping